Thursday, March 13, 2014

Magnetic Levitation Electricity Generators

Magnetic Electricity Generators not science fiction anymore, free energy is real and now moving past prototype proof of concept phase into actual grass roots production phase. The SEG project is amazing with the potential power it's going to generate, but the QEC or Quantum Energy Generator is happen now. Production cost at $5,000 per unit and yes, based on the Nikola Tesla designs. My favorite site on this is Hope Girl's blog but follow the links below to see this is real and not BS.
  1. Searl Effect Generator (SEG) -
  2. Fix the World Organization Power Generator -
    1. Fix the World Project
    2. Quantum Energy Generator crowd fund -
    3. GoFundme QEC Project -
    4. HopeGirl (the girl behind the project) -
    5. Some QEG Video's 
Will update with more links found. Please comment with any other info relating to these projects or similar.

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